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Layoff Aversion Services
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The Department of Workforce Development, Aging, and Community Services (WDACS) oversees a layoff aversion program to provide technical assistance to businesses of any size that are in financial danger.

The layoff aversion program begins with confidential consulting for businesses to develop an individualized Action Plan to access local capital, remain in the County and prevent layoffs of employees and ultimately business closure.

This service is provided at no cost to the business. Whether a business needs assistance from government, utilities or specialty experts, layoff aversion connects businesses to partners that help overcome these challenges.


No cost consulting services identify at-risk businesses and provide assistance to those in financial danger.


An individualized plan can help businesses access local capital, remain in the County, and prevent layoffs and business closures.


Businesses are monitored for signs of decay using financial stress scores. At-risk businesses are contacted for layoff aversion services.

Action Plan Development Services for Businesses at Risk

Access to Industry Councils

Assistance with Expedited Permitting

Exploring Tax Incentives

Workforce Training and Development Referrals

Exploring Access to Capital

Project Management

Site Selection and Relocation

Referrals to Public Services

Connections to Public/Private Partners and Resources

Cost Containment Analysis

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